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Ms Anderson is accredited by the Law Society of Scotland as an expert in child law and is regularly appointed a Child Welfare Reporter by the courts.

Issues in respect to the arrangements for children can be the most emotive part of a separation, whether clients are married or cohabiting. The focus of the Children (Scotland) Act is on the best interests of any child concerned, and we provide advice to allow decisions to be made in regard to children in a sensitive and informed manner.

We provide advice and representation in all matters involving children including residence (formerly known as custody), contact arrangements including shared care arrangements. Matters can be complex and require to be considered in terms of the needs of the children and how the arrangements can best be put in place to allow the children to maintain relations with both parents where that is appropriate in terms of the child’s best interests.

We can provide advice on all aspects of the exercise of parental rights and responsibilities including paternity issues and the establishment of paternity even in complex situations.

We are regularly consulted in respect to child maintenance issues and provide advice and representation including assisting clients to defend court proceedings raised against them by the child maintenance service.

The Children (Scotland) Act makes provision for orders of court to regulate the care arrangements for a child.
A residence order can be applied for to ask the court to decide with whom a child should live. This was previously known as a custody order.
A contact order can be sought to allow a child to spend time with a parent that the child does not live with. The terms of any contact order will be specific to the child concerns and all of the circumstances of the case.
Arrangements for persons other than parents to be a part of a child’s life can also be considered, including grandparents and step- parents.
Court proceedings in respect to arrangements for children are emotive. The court when dealing with child issues will consider the best interests of the child as the most important matter.
Ms Anderson has a wealth of experience and a proven track record of successful outcomes in child law matters and is able to provide expert advice and representation.

This is the process whereby a new legal parent and child relationship is established. This is a legal process which involved an application through the court and we are able to provide expert advice and guidance in regard to navigating the court process and the necessary reports and procedures.

In some situations emergency measures require to be sought in regard to the uplift and delivery of a child or the interdict against removal of a child from the care of a parent or the removal of a child outwith a certain area.  We are able to take instruction at short notice and progress matters swiftly and sensitively in those circumstances.

This is where one parent wishes to relocate with a child.  In Scotland the consent of any other person holding parental rights and responsibilities is required to relocate with a child outwith Scotland.  An application may be required through the court if the matter is disputed.  The court will consider the whole circumstances of the case and we are able to provide expert advice in regard to how that matter can be progressed and what considerations will be relevant to the court. 

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