Initial Consultation


We understand that attending an appointment with a solicitor for the first time can be difficult, especially where the subject matter is personal and emotive.

A Welcoming and Confidential Setting

We aim to put our clients at ease and have a welcoming office environment where you can discuss matters in strict confidence. We are also happy to offer remote appointments by video conferencing facilities, although it is preferable to have your first consultation in person where possible.

Meeting with our Qualified Team

We have a team of legally qualified staff available to assist. You will normally meet with a qualified solicitor from our team, who may also be accompanied by another member of our experienced team. If you wish to bring a supporter to your appointment, we are happy to facilitate this.

We are required to ask clients to bring identification to fulfil Law Society Regulations. Photo Identification can be either a passport or driver’s license. We also require address identification dated within 3 months of your appointment.

Information gathering for tailored advice

The solicitor will ask you detailed information in regard to your case, including the date of marriage or cohabitation, the date of separation and details of any children of the relationship. It is helpful to bring your marriage certificate and birth certificates for any children. Copies would be sufficient for your initial appointment, or we are happy to take copies of principal certificates.

You will be asked about assets and liabilities in existence at the date of separation. This is in order to advise you fully of entitlements under the Family Law Scotland Act. It is therefore helpful to have details of the value of any assets owned by either yourself, your spouse or partner or owned in joint names. Details of liabilities such as mortgage, loans and credit cards will also be helpful. If you do not have that information, this can be provided or obtained at a later date.

Arrangements for the care of children would usually be discussed, with advice given on the operation of the Children Scotland Act and issues around residence and contact.

What is the outcome you would wish to achieve?

We are focused on providing our client’s with the best possible advice and representation. Many clients are attending for their first appointment at a time where a difficult relationship is ending or has ended. Their own needs and wants may have been very low on the list of priorities. We are often consulted by clients who have been subject to domestic abuse and coercive control.  It is important therefore to understand what the outcome is that the client wishes to achieve. Our advise is then tailored to securing that outcome as expeditiously as possible.

Advice and Next Steps

The solicitor will provide advice and a suggested way forward at your meeting. The advice provided will be tailored to your own particular circumstances and based on the outcome you wish to achieve. Where you wish to proceed, next steps would be agreed, and fees discussed. This would be followed up in writing, with your approval and instructions being sought before correspondence or documents were issued.

Book a Free Consultaion


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