Solicitor Advocacy


Ms Anderson is a Solicitor Advocate with extended rights of audience in the supreme courts. This means that she is able to appear in all courts in Scotland in regard to civil litigation.

A solicitor is allowed to appear in the Sheriff Courts and Advocate, the Scottish equivalent of a Barrister, can also appear in the Court of Session. A Solicitor Advocate is a solicitor who has undertaken provisional examinations and training to be allowed to appear in all courts throughout Scotland.

Where you instruct a Solicitor Advocate to represent you, you are then having access to an expert court service with Solicitor Advocate who knows all the aspects of your case and can represent you with that knowledge and to the best of their ability. A Solicitor Advocate will have expert knowledge of the rules and procedure both in terms of the Sheriff Court and the Court of Session and be able to give expert advice on the appropriate procedure to be adopted in each particular case.

We are also regularly instructed by other firms of solicitors to deal with complex civil litigation matters and are happy to take instruction to assist other firms of solicitors on that basis.

We appear in courts throughout Scotland and are able to take instruction from clients who reside outwith Scotland, within the United Kingdom and also abroad. We have the benefit of modern technology to be able to communicate and take instruction by way of video communication where this is of assistance to the client.

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